My name is David, and I am highly motivated and passionate about the deaf and writing about my life experiences. I love the opportunity to help individuals through my hearing loss experience and as a cochlear implant recipient as I write down my experiences and thoughts. I was born hearing, and around age three I began to go deaf. At age six I lost the rest of my hearing overnight due to the CMV (cytomegalovirus) virus that I was born with. Six months later I was fitted with my first cochlear implant. Today I am happily married and have two little boys who keep me laughing.

Photography is how I capture and share my perspective of the world around me. Life is full of challenges and ups and downs, but life also presents blessings along the way. Not only do I love telling my story but I have a passion for helping tell your story through photography & design.

I hope that you will find my website to be a tool and an inspiration to you. I have been able to speak at many events and special occasions where I share real life experiences in hopes to help others find strength to cope with challenges they face.

Welcome to my story.

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