“I want to be…”

By davidbcluff|May 12, 2018

Since working on “Life In Between” episodes, I have been catching myself more grateful for what I have and the opportunities I have been given. Last weekend, we were visiting my brother and his wife’s pace or the “farm” as my oldest calls it. Lucas loves seeing their horse and riding it and while we were watching the horse eat, Lucas said, “I want to be a farmer.” Hearing and being

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Catching up!

By davidbcluff|February 20, 2018

Hi Everyone! It has been a busy few months and our boys are growing up so fast! You can follow me on Instagram to see more updates and all the happenings in our household. For now, here is a little recap of all the fun images I have been able to capture: I am so ready for spring and fall photo sessions! Last fall I got to capture this fun family

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Everyone Has A Story. What Is Yours?

By davidbcluff|February 11, 2018

NEW VIDEO! (captions included)  In this video, I share a more personal experience that has both caused tears and peace over the years. We all have a story and often don’t take time to learn those stories. What is your story? Like what you see? Be sure to subscribe to my new YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/DavidBCluff

Looking Back on 2017

By davidbcluff|January 5, 2018

Made it through the first week of 2018 and as I reflect back on 2017 I am humbled by the many growing exercises that my family and I have had. We welcomed our second son in March, our oldest turned two, took a big family road trip to Utah and Idado, I started a new job and began a new YouTube series called, “Life In Between with David.” We also got

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Time To Fall In Love, Over and Over

By davidbcluff|November 10, 2017

For the last few months, my wife has been wanting to do a major change to her hairstyle. She would show me many ideas and end with, “would you still love me, if I looked like that?” I always assured her that I would love her no matter what. I never wanted to be the husband that told her what kind of hair she is supposed to have, life is

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Introducing Life In Between with David!

By davidbcluff|November 5, 2017

Hey Everyone! Life has been very busy lately between my new job, family and working on a new show! Without further adieu, introducing Life In Between With David B. Cluff! Here is the intro to the show and the first episode is now LIVE for you to view.   This project was inspired by a group of individuals who had a vision and motivated me to do something new. Check out the awesome

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Free Temple Print With Quote

By davidbcluff|October 1, 2017

The last few days we have been able to listen to many inspiring messages from our church leaders. I decided to make a free download of this photo I took at the Logan Temple in Logan, Utah and attach the quote from Elder Jeffery R. Holland. Check it out!

You Can Do This

By davidbcluff|September 16, 2017

This past week I received this newspaper in the mail and realized that my article was in there! It was a great experience collaborating with Hands and Voices. The article is currently only available in the paper edition but I will be sharing it here for all of you! Fun Facts: This is the first printed article where I got to include a photo of my whole family! Coming up with the title

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Sullivan | Family Portrait Session

By davidbcluff|August 16, 2017

Meet the Sullivan family! They are another fun family that I got to photograph last month while visiting Idaho. It has been fun to watch the kids grow and see how much they change on our yearly visit. The parents are amazing and always doing something. They recently started a new mentoring page called, “New Roots Mentoring” and they share helpful insights and motivation. Go check them out here: New

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Hinckley | Family Portrait Session

By davidbcluff|August 8, 2017

When all your kids reach those teenage years and graduating high school, it is a must to get family photos done!  I had so much fun visiting Utah last month and seeing all my cousins growing up to being great teenagers and young adults. Meet the Hinckley family! The two oldest boys, Michael and Austin, just left for their two-year church missions and I can’t wait to read about their experiences.

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