3K in 3 Days!

By davidbcluff|May 20, 2017|The blog|0 comments

Wow! I don’t know what other words to say other than all of you amaze me! The goal, $3,000, has been reached in about 3 days time. I was thinking it would take a lot longer than that. Thank you so much! My heart is so full right now!

What’s Next? 

At this point, we have done everything we could do to prepare for what we expect the outcome to be from the insurance. The funds helped secure the ability to move forward. Right now, we are praying that the insurance process goes smoothly. I should hear back from my insurance in about two weeks. Let the waiting game begin!

How can you help? 

Prayers. That is the biggest request right now. Since our first son was born we would always do nightly prayers with him. By example, he learned what it means when we say, “It’s time for prayers.” So, the other day I said, “We are going to do prayers now.” Out of nowhere he stopped what he was doing and folded his arm and bowed his head. After 10 seconds or so, he said, “Amen!” I know that God hears his little prayers and all of our prayers. We continue to see miracles unfold each day.

Thank you for all you do!

David & Family

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