DBC003Hi! My name is David. Welcome! Here you will find some of my photography + graphic design work and my story. I was born hearing and around age 3 I began to go deaf. At age six I lost the rest of my hearing overnight due to the CMV virus that I was born with. Six months later I was fitted with my first Cochlear Implant. Today I am happily married and have a little boy who keeps me laughing. I also enjoy photography and graphic design.

Life is full of challenges and ups and downs, but life also presents blessings along the way. Welcome to my story.

My Photography



“deafteens.org¬†is a website dedicated to connecting deaf teens all over the country. Our goal is to provide real life stories and experiences to help empower each other and gain a sense of support.” – David Cluff, Founder & Director¬†

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